Cosmetic Mole Removal

Moles or 'nevi' are abnormal, but not necessarily harmful, regions of skin that are cosmetically distracting.

Some people have a darkened patch of skin or an unsightly bump that they dislike on their nose, face, neck or hands. As an experienced skin clinician, Dr. Sattler can discern if a lesion is suspicious and needs a biospy. For lesions that appear to be benign and are cosmetically displeasing, Dr. Sattler offers a cosmetic mole removal service for patients in the office.

Skin moles and other unwanted skin lesions such as lipomas, skin tags, acne scars and facial scars can be removed in our office under local anesthesia. For lesions requiring more extensive plastic surgery to remove, Dr. Sattler performs mole and skin cancer excisions under local anesthesia in the procedure room attached to our clinic. Dr. Sattler plans the removal of these lesions carefully and plans the scar placement with precision to maximize the cosmetic result.

Cosmetic mole removal cost in our Seattle area clinic varies based on the size and position of the lesion.

Post-operatively, Dr. Sattler trains all patients on optimal scar care after cosmetic mole removal to achieve the best possible scar quality.

For questionable moles and skin lesions that might be cancerous or pre-cancerous, Dr. Sattler will send the skin lesion to a pathology lab who will bill the patient's insurance accordingly.

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