Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin Cancer is one of the most common types of cancers diagnosed in the Pacific Northwest. The most common varieties of skin cancer can appear on the face, body, hands, and even the feet. These skin cancers exhibit a typical appearance that an experienced physician can recognize and treat.

For patients that are concerned about a particular mole or patch of skin, an evaluation by an experienced skin cancer surgeon is an important step. Dr. Sattler has experience treating all of the common types of skin cancer, in all regions of the body. Skin cancers and other pre-malignant lesions that are commonly treated by Dr. Sattler include

  • Basal Cell carcinoma
  • Squamous Cell carcinoma
  • Sqaumous Cell carcinoma in situ
  • Melanoma
  • Melanoma in Situ
  • Atypical melanocytic nevi
  • Dysplastic nevi

Dr. Sattler performs skin lesion biopsies and skin cancer removal surgery in the on-site operating room attached to his plastic surgery office.

Dr. Sattler also performs cosmetic mole removal for patients that dislike the cosmetic appearance of a mole with benign characteristics. Cosmetic mole removal is not covered by insurance.

Local dermatologists often rely on Dr. Sattler to help skin cancer patients restore form and function to regions of the body where skin cancers have been removed by a Mohs surgery.

Dr. Sattler works with the following insurance companies to treat patients with skin cancer and Mohs surgery defects.

*Blue Cross/Blue Shield
First Choice
First Health
Group Health
*Premera Microsoft
Pacific Care

*Regence Blue Cross
*Regence Blue Shield

*Dr. Sattler is an in-network provider with these insurance plans, which are the most common in the Seattle, WA area. Skin cancer removal or Mohs defect repair may or may not be a covered service, depending on your specific contract parameters and Dr. Sattler's status as an in-network physician with your plan.
Our clinic will process the insurance paperwork for you, and attempt to obtain a pre-approval letter from your insurance company before treatment. If we do not accept your insurance, or are out-of-network with your insurance, you have the option of paying out of pocket for your procedure.

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