Radiesse is a unique cosmetic filler that can be used to soften and volumize a variety of facial features. The product stimulated collagen production in regions where it is injected. As a result, the cosmetic result from Radiesse injection can last up to 2 years.

Dr. scott Sattler offers the 'liquid facelift' procedure using Radiesse to patients in his Seattle area clinic. The treatment restores volume in the upper cheek and temporal area, which results in a lifting effect in the lower portion of the cheeks and nasal labial folds.

Pre treatment skin testing does not need to be done for Radiesse treatment. 

Radiesse is useful for filling and volumizing the nasal labial folds, pre-jowl areas, cheek hollowing and marionette lines. Uniquely, Radiesse can also be used to fill in and soften the 'dorsum' of the nose to make the surface appear more uniform. 

Dr. Sattler is one of the most experienced Radiesse injectors in the Seattle area. In 20 minutes, he can design and deliver a Radiesse treatment plan that can completely rejuvenate your facial appearance.

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