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Jan 18

Scott Sattler MD

Body Contouring after Weight Loss - the male patient

by Scott Sattler MD

As bariatric weight-loss surgery grows in popularity, and rational diet and exercise plans continue to be successful weight loss routes, plastic surgeons in the Seattle area are encountering increasing numbers of male patients that dislike the sagging appearance of their abdomen and waist regions. The loss of fifty to one hundred pounds of body weight can substantially change the appearance of the abdomen and waist. Patients may dislike the loose appearance of their abdominal tissues, hanging skin around the pelvis and saggy appearance of skin adjacent to the belly button. Like women, its essential that the surgical scar for tummy tuck or lower body lifts be placed low on the pelvis, allowing concealment beneath clothing. Its also important to conceal the umbilical scar within the contours of the umbilicus itself.

This 58 year old male with was treated with an extended abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to address substantial skin laxity after moderate weight loss. The result is a masculine appearance to the abdomen and waist. There are no unnatural contours. The belly button has been reshaped with a concealed scar. All of the patient's excess abdominal skin has been removed and the resulting scar is easily concealed within standard underwear. 

Body contouring after weight loss can be a life changing experience. The cosmetic improvements that patients can see after lower body lift or abdominoplasty surgery can improve self confidence and further promote weight loss via exercise. Its been a pleasure to care for this unique patient population and post-weight loss body contouring has become a large part of our plastic surgery practice here in Seattle.

To learn more about body contouring after weight loss, click on the link here



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