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Aug 07

Scott Sattler MD

Cosmetic Surgery for Tuberous Breasts

by Scott Sattler MD

Tuberous Breast Correction

A breast that is characterized by a short height and a tight infra-mammary fold described as‘tuberous’ in shape. This breast deformity is challenging to correct, and requires meticulous planning and surgical experience to yield a good cosmetic result.

Tuberous breast correction surgery addresses the dilated appearance of the areola, the constricted breast shape and the sagging nipple position. Some patients desire additional breast volume, and a breast implant can substantially improve the cosmetic result.  

This patient depicted below has all of the typical features seen in tuberous breast patients. She also desired more breast volume. She was treated with a peri-areolar ‘donut’ mastopexy, reshaping of the lower pole of the breast and augmentation with a dual-plane silicone implant.

The surgical result is characterized by a rounder breast shape, improved position and size of the nipple and areolar complex, reshaped infra-mammary fold and enhanced breast volume.

Are you interested in learning more about correction of the tuberous breast with specialized breast lift and breast augmentation techniques ?

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