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Jun 11

Scott Sattler MD

Fat grafting to improve breast reconstruction results

by Scott Sattler MD

Fat grafting to improve breast reconstruction results

A facelift can be done in a variety of ways. Some simple, other methods complex. The key is patient safety and longevity of the result. There are a variety of cosmetic issues that the facelift procedure addresses: cheek laxity, neck laxity, jowling, shifts in facial volume etc. A good facelift should be able to address any and all of these important issues.

Its tempting to think that a so-called ‘weekend facelift’ with a quick recovery is the answer. Its generally not a long-lasting procedure, and certainly will not deliver the results that a true SMAS based face and neck lift will. Despite what the television ads say – a good facelift procedure does have some recovery time associated with it.

Experienced plastic surgeons with experience doing facial reconstructive surgery can deliver a long-lasting facelift result because they are more comfortable dealing with the deeper soft tissues and important nerves of the face.  Good plastic surgeons a Many plastic surgeons choose to perform a basic skin lift to avoid damaging facial nerves, choosing not to address the underlying musculature. Reconstructive surgeons are experienced in working with deeper tissues and muscles to create longer lasting results.

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