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Jul 03

Scott Sattler MD

Hidden Scar Breast Augmentation Surgery for Asian Patients

by Scott Sattler MD

There are a variety of 'skin types' amongst the patients I do breast augmentation surgery for.
Some patients have very pale skin.
Some patients have darker colored skin.
And some patients have skin that tends to result in 'darkening' of surgical scars.
This is particularly important in Asian skin types.
Scar hyperpigmentation occurs more frequently in Asian patients than in
Caucasian patients.
This means breast augmentation scars need to be exceptionally well hidden.
I've had several Asian patients express concern about the location of their
surgical scar when we plan a breast augmentation surgery together.
I've generally relied on the infra-mammary (under the breast) scar for Asian
patients because I know I can hide the scar in the 'fold' beneath each breast, and
control the position of the infra-mammary fold with sutures.
Some Asian patients have tight and ill-defined infra-mammary folds, so the ability
to control the fold position is particularly important inthese patients, especially when
using a larger breast implant. The photo below illustrates these points.


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