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Jan 29

Scott Sattler MD

What aesthetic goals can a breast augmentation surgery achieve ?

by Scott Sattler MD

What aesthetic goals can Breast Augmentation Surgery achieve?

The goals of natural appearing breast augmentation surgery are to increase the volume of the breast while preserving the natural contours of the existing breast. When properly selected, a breast implant's size and shape can enhance the breast appearance. When imprudently selected, an implant can alter the appearance of the breast in undesirable ways. The key to achieving a long-lasting and natural appearing breast augmentation is finding the correct implant for a particular patient, and then placing the implant into the breast as gently as possible. A properly performed breast augmentation should look natural and beautiful for many years.

Breast implants can also improve the appearance of a breast that has some anatomic shortcomings. These problems might include a tuberous or constricted breast appearance. Shaped, form-stable implants can create some tissue expansion of the lower pole of the breast, and dramatically improve breast shape in some patients.

I tend to use smooth, round silicone implants for patients that have a rounder breast shape and desire some upper pole fullness and volume. I've been using the textured, shaped implants for patients that have a wider and shorter breast shape and that might have some lower pole tightness or constriction.

Consideration for a breast lift in conjunction with breast augmentation is always important. In my experience, an implant will not 'lift' the nipple position when it is too low, nor will an implant 'lift' sagging breast tissue when it exists. For these two issues, which can occur in combination, a breast lift, or mastopexy is recommended.

What should I expect during and after breast augmentation surgery ? 

A standard breast augmentation takes me about 50 minutes to complete. My patients are under a general anesthesia, which I think is the safest anesthetic technique for this particular operation. The surgery is done on an 'outpatient' basis, which means you return home on the day of your surgery. At the conclusion of your breast augmentation procedure, you will be placed in a 'post-op' bra, which patients wear for 1-2 weeks after the procedure. I allow my patients to shower after 48 hours from the procedure. I see my post operative patients about 5-7 days after the surgery, and then 4 weeks after the surgery, and then about 3 months after the surgery.

The first 2-5 days after your breast augmentation surgery, you may feel stiff and sore in the chest region. Your breasts will feel tight and sensitive to the touch. Some patients are reluctant to raise their arms, but this is okay and helpful to do. I recommend that patients begin light exercise as soon as they are comfortable. I ask my patients not to do exercises that activate the pectoral muscles for six weeks after surgery. These would include push ups, pull ups, shoulder to overhead presses and other exercises. Most patients have some breast swelling that will resolve within a month. Most patients have some displacement of their implants in the direction of their collarbones for a few weeks after the procedure, and then implants 'drop' or settle into a more favorable position.

Most breast augmentation patients are back to full-time work or child care and off of pain medication about 4-5 days after the procedure.

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