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Oct 24

Scott Sattler MD

Which cosmetic dermal filler is right for you ?

by Scott Sattler MD

Which Facial Filler is Right for Me ?

I've been asked this question hundreds of times, and as the years have passed, my answers have changed. There are now some wonderful cosmetic fillers on the market now that do different things. To limit confusion, I'll discuss two of my very favorite products, which can be used in combination for an excellent cosmetic result. 'Stacking' filler treatments is not a new concept. I've been pleased with 'stacking' results when I've used Sculptra in combination with Juvederm in my Seattle area cosmetic skin care clinic. Sculptra is a long-lasting (but not permanent) deep soft tissue filler that can volumize broad surface areas, such as the temples, cheeks and jaw line. Juvederm is a temporary HA filler that can be used closer to the skin surface to correct tear troughs, volumize the lips and soften finer lines and wrinkles. A Sculptra and Juvederm treatment can be 'stacked' together to create a fresh look for patients interested in total facial rejuvenation, without the down-time of a major surgical procedure.

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