Aesthetic Result After Breast Implant Removal? I had a silent breast implant rupture (no encapsulation). My breasts are both soft and jiggly. The implants are 10 years old, mushy, and soft, and I have at least a B cup of my own tissue (sub-dermal implants). They are not droopy. Will I be deformed after having my breast implants removed? I'm very scared, my aesthetic result is important to me. What will I look like after explantation? What should I expect? Will I need a breast lift? Will all my own tissue be removed, leaving me with concave "puppy dog ears"?

Breast implant removal - aesthetic outcome expectations. Without a photo- its difficult to judge how your breasts will look with the implants out- if you have a ruptured silicone implant- it should be removed. The appearance of your breast after removal will depend on how much native breast tissue you have, and its positioning on your chest wall. Your choices are three: remove implants, remove and replace implants, remove implants and get a breast lift. I perform breast implant revision surgery in our Seattle area breast plastic surgery clinic.


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February 16, 2023

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