I'm 30, fit, and I look relatively good. As a teenager I lost 80 lbs and kept it off. I lucked out in the lax skin department, but my skin still does some crazy things. I realize I look like most LBL patient's after pictures and am also younger than the patients I've seen. Am I nuts to consider a LBL? I sure would like a higher, firmer, smoother butt and thighs in exchange for a scar. I am going to get a tummy tuck and it will lift my pubic mons (needed).

Only a in-person visit with a physical exam can answer this question. Looking at the photos you sent to our Seattle cosmetic surgery office, I think some well-planned thigh and flank liposuction would improve your figure and create the illusion of more buttock projection. Liposuction does very little to address skin laxity, which you do have.


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May 11, 2023

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Botox is $14 per unit at Sound Plastic Surgery read more

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