Bottomed Out... Should I Replace my Implants with Smaller Ones? (photo)I recently had a BA with 375cc silicone UHP unders. I have been unhappy with their placement since early on; they are too low and too far apart. My surgeon recommended a capsulorrhaphy at my 3 month follow up. I think my current implants may be too big for my frame and may have caused me to bottom out. My doctor says he thinks the size is okay, but I'm afraid to have the repair just to have it happen again. What is your opinion, should I downsize when I have a revision? Any other suggestions?

Revision of breast augmentation to improve 'bottoming out'. I'd recommend supporting the implants with a 'internal bra' composed of Strattice, a useful biomaterial used in breast reconstruction. This will help improve positioning - bottoming out and lateralization, in your case.


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May 11, 2023

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