Breast Lift With Implants? (photo)Dear Surgeons I'm hoping you will be able to help with my question. I'm 34 years old with one child I breast fed. I have been confused please have a look , I have attached pictures so that you can be able. I have been to consultation with a few surgeons here in UK for breast lift and implants and they told me it will cost roughly £7000 pounds. My worry is what if I pay all that money and I'm left with horrible scaring and also not sure between Implants or Fat Transfer procedure. Thank u xx

Breast lift without implants is a powerful operation. You have severe nipple and parenchymal ptosis (sagging) and lack upper pole volume. This is a challenging situation to optimize. I would offer a vertical breast lift with a Graf flap which would move your sagging breast tissue beneath the central portion of your breast. This would vastly improve your breast shape.  You'll need to decide if you actually want larger breasts before deciding if a breast implant is right for you. A breast implant is the only reliable way to achieve volume in the upper pole of your breast.


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