Hello, I am a 45 yr old woman. I have never been very heavy. I have/had large arms since I was a little girl. I have/had excess fat & slightly sagging skin on the upper part of my arms & would not wear sleeveless tops. I went to 2 plastic surgeons seeking the limited incision barchioplasty. Both professed to be able to do the proceedure, however, that was not the case... I was left with no armpit, no/worse results & now have scars in addition. I am very depressed.I need help & reference in CA 2 revise them. Please help.

Brachioplasty is not a technically difficult operation, but getting good quality brachioplasty scars is a challenge for any surgeon. For this reason, there is a fair amount of collective experience revising brachioplasty procedures. It may be that you had the 'wrong' operation for the arm problem that you had- a limited incision brachioplasty is not a great operation for most patients. Most patients with any degree of arm laxity from armpit to elbow have better results with a 'full length' brachioplasty technique. Obviously, this is a long scar, but the 'trade off' is much improved arm contour. Seek out a good plastic surgeon in your area for some expert advice.


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