How is Breast Implant Replacement Surgery Done? I have textured silicone implants in a subglandular placement and want to replace them with smooth silicone implants under the muscle. Will the new implants be placed in at the time of removal of the textured ones? Or will it have to be done in two separate procedures so I can heal from the first surgery first. I hate to have to walk around with deflated boobs for months.

Breast implant revision surgery is done in our Seattle area cosmetic surgery clinic. Sometimes silicone implants leak and need to be replaced. I typically recommend removal and replacement with smooth silicone implants in the submuscular position for patients that present with subglandular silicone implants. If you need a lift, it can be done at the time of surgery, or in a delayed fashion. I recommend up-sizing the implant about 75 cc when switching to the submuscular plane- this position tends to 'blunt' the volume of an implant.


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