How Long Does Botox Remain in Your Body? Some plastic surgeons say that Botox leaves the body within 2 days of injecting it. And others say it wears off after 4 - 6 months. What is the truth? If it leaves the body quickly how can the effect last? As I understood the toxin has to remain to block the nerve communication? So how long does the toxin stay in the body and how does it REALLY work!?

The Botox mechanism of action is well understood. Botox is a protein that blocks the transmission of nerve signals to muscles. It temporarily weakens the muscle that it is injected into. The drug's effect is evident at about the 7-10 day point after injection and should last 4-5 months, based on the amount of toxin (the unit dose) injected and other factors. Our Seattle Botox clinic offers injections for facial wrinkle reduction.


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