How Much Would a Lower Body Lift with Brazillian Butt Lift Cost? I am a woman in my early forties who's lost 40 lbs and am looking to lose 20-30 more. I I have a lot of sagging all over my body and flattening of the buttocks. I know that a Body lift is often employed to remedy such situations. I know a lot of these things are individual as to what surgeons charge and what people's unique anatomy requires, but would I be safe by estimating a ballpark figure $15-20k for Body lift and 10 more for Fat grafting? Or is there commonly a discount with so many combined procedures?

Combined procedures in plastic surgery save just a little money. There are some efficiency and therefore, some cost savings in having a lower body lift done in combination with fat transfer to the buttock- you won't save much compared to doing them independently- but you would save some. There are a couple of nice techniques using vascularized buttock tissue to augment the buttocks during a LBL- you probably would be able to avoid fat transfer using these procedures. Seek out a surgeon that does a lot of LBL work for an opinion. We are happy to see you in our Seattle area cosmetic surgery clinic.


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February 16, 2023

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