I Was Recently Told I Needed a Lift As Well As Implants. I am 28, 135lbs and 5"3. I've always had size D breast, and after having 3 kids and nursing they are no longer full and big. I was told by the doctor I went to for a consult that I was borderline for a lift and he highly recommended a lift as well as implants in two separate surgeries. I would just like my big full breast back with out the lift. Do you think this obtainable?

In most cases, I am able to do breast lift and breast augmentation surgery simultaneously in my Seattle plastic surgery practice. I can typically  do a mastopexy augmentation procedure in a single stage. You certainly could do a simple breast augmentation, but you would have to accept that your breast tissue would continue to look 'saggy' relative to the implant. This issue worsens as the years go by. Doing a combined breast lift and breast implant will address both issues at the same cosmetic surgery procedure.


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