Incision Location for Brazilian Butt Lift: Is the incision for a Brazilian Butt Lift always all the way across at the top of the butt? Can it be in other locations such as underneath where the cheeks join the thighs or vertically down the middle where it can be more easily hidden? It is hard to tell from photos because thongs could be covering the incision. I am thin so I don't need anything done to my back or flanks, I just need help for a sagging backside. If an incision can be done at the bottom I am interested.

Brazilian Butt Lift is really an augmentation using fat. This is a poorly named procedure, but its popular enough that the name has stuck- a BBL is simply fat grafting and liposuction done to contour the buttocks, flanks and thighs. There is an excisional procedure called a Buttock Lift that involves removing lax tissues and lifting sagging buttocks- this leaves the scar that you describe.


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April 29, 2022

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