Is It True That my Breast Will Look Better After Breast Implant Removal? I recently had breast implants put in from my size A and went to a C. It has almost been one year and am looking to remove them because I am not satisfied and would like to go back to my previous looks. What would the outcome most likely be?

Breast implant removal will make a breast look different. I guess it all depends on what your idea of 'better' is. Removing implants just a few weeks after augmentation will result in a breast that looks much like what you started with, with the addition of a new scar. Unless you are dealing with a substantial implant malposition issue, implant removal in the early post op phase will not improve your breast appearance. You'll have a brand new scar ! Depending on what you decide to do, we are here to help with breast implant removal or replacement in our Seattle area plastic surgery clinic.


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February 16, 2023

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