I had breast lift with augmentation 250cc 10d ago by a surgeon in Oregon. I'm wondering if they are healing as expected given the 10 day mark. I know it's still quite early & they are still "raw". I'm having some pain in my right breast near my armpit / along the outer edge of the breast - feels like a squeezing or pressing sensation, not constant. I'm a righty so I assume this is normal? Left feels good but both are irritated underneath. They still seem very swollen. I assume this is all normal but please confirm. thx

Based on your description, you sound like your are having a routine recovery after vertical mastopexy and breast augmentation. My patients are quite swollen after this surgery. This takes a few weeks to settle down. I frequently perform breast lift and augmentation surgery in our Seattle area cosmetic surgery practice.


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February 16, 2023

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