I had breast augmentation done in California many years ago. My surgeon told me that one breast was slighlty bigger than the other so he decided to put 500 ccs on my right breast and 550 ccs on the left one to make them more symetrical. My breasts look more uneven to me than before.

Differential breast implant sizing sometimes creates a new assymetry. I think there are different philosophies on differential breast implant sizing. In most cases like yours, I'll use the same volume breast implant to establish a symmetric breast width and height. Using different sized implants in patients without a lot of breast tissue can create new asymmetries related to the implant diameter/height/projection etc.

I think there were some differences in your infra-mammary fold position and nipple/areolar position that make your case a little more challenging to achieve perfect symmetry.

I perform complex cosmetic breast augmentation surgery in my Seattle Washington plastic surgery practice.


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