Do I Have Tuberous Breasts, and is There Any Way to Avoid Mastopexy? (photo)I'm quite confused about this issue. I don't know whether I have tuberous breasts - I suspect I do. If so, how difficult would it be to correct this? I would prefer to avoid mastopexy if possible, as I have not yet had children. My pictures aren't the clearest (the camera on my computer isn't great), but any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Constricted breast anatomy can be improved with conservative augmentation. I don't think you have a tuberous breast anatomy - I would describe your breasts as 'constricted' - the breast footprint is narrow relative to the width of your chest and the fold beneath the breast is relatively high.

I think an areolar reduction would improve your aesthetic result - but if you wanted to avoid this, I would offer augmentation using a implant with a base width diameter  that is narrower than the width of your breast.

You could start with this basic cosmetic intervention, and then decide later if you wanted a mastopexy.


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