Possible to Get Dramatic Results w/ Brazilian Butt Lift? I'm 5'9 and 182 pounds with a figure that resembles a cardboard box. I hope that a brazilian butt lift can give me the hourglass shape I desire. I want hips, I want butt and I want a smaller waist.

Brazilian Butt Lift results depend on the underlying pelvic anatomy. A BBL is a great procedure- but its not going to alter the shape and proportion of your pelvic skeletal and muscular anatomy- A 'boxy' shaped buttock will benefit from from liposuction to improve shaping, but if your flank anatomy is relatively 'boxy', liposuction is unlikely to give you the 'hourglass' shape you desire. A BBL will augment the soft tissues of your buttock, add projection- but it will not give an 'ideal' buttock shape unless that shape is there to start with.


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February 16, 2023

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