Tummy Tuck vs. Body Lift: I am a 27 year old mother of 3. I'm 5'5" and 133 lbs. Have been planning my mommy makeover for a while now and have even had a couple of consults. I am having a breast lift and implants. I was also planning a tummy tuck and it was suggested to consider a medial thigh lift as this area drives me crazy. I don't have much fat on my body, just lots of stretch marks and some saggy skin. I am not at all excited about the scars in my groin, because I've heard that they always migrate down and show, so bathing suites would be an issue. I was looking at the pics of body lifts and wondering if this would be a better option? How well does the inner thigh area get lifted? Wouldn't mind a little boost in the booty anyway... I don't mind the scar from the body lift that goes all the way around, but I don't want to do this if the thigh results aren't substantial... Any suggestions?

Don't expect any lifting effect along the inside of your thighs after a circumferential body lift - you will get some lateral and posterior thigh lifting effect from this cosmetic surgical procedure. My advice is to do the circumferential body lift and wait several months. Come back and do the medial thigh lift. We are happy to see you in our Seattle area cosmetic surgery clinic.


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