What Kind of Lift Do I Need with my Breast Revision? My implants are HP saline under the muscle done in 2005, a revision from my over the muscle saline implants from 2000. I am looking for more lower pole fullness. What lift is recommended? I am concerned about scars. Thank you!

Based on the photos that you sent to us, I'm guessing that you dislike the sagging lower pole of your breasts, but are otherwise happy with your augmentation. I would recommend a standard vertical breast lift with reduction of the lower pole tissues of each breast. This would leave a vertical scar on each breast, and a scar around the areola. Your areola are in good position, and don't need to be 'moved', but the skin should be tailored around each areola for the best possible result. I perform breast lift and breast implant revision surgery in my Seattle, Washington area plastic surgery clinic.


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