What to Do About My Breasts With Implants After Breast Feeding? (photo)Im 22, 5'7'' 140 pnds. I b/f for over 2 yrs leaving my breast elastic. I previously had implants size 450cc saline and am not happy with the way they look 1 yr later compared to being DD cup throughout pregnancy. I just want a fuller/close together breast with high profile. What size is good for me? My doctor said to keep my same implant and just do a lift but i want larger implant to fill the excess sag like 800-900cc. I just liked the way my breasts were when pregnant and want that same size/look.

'Rock in the sock' deformity can be improved with revision breast surgery. You have a classic 'rock in the sock' deformity - heavy implants stretching and elongating the breast skin envelope. My recommendation would be to switch implants to sub-muscular plane, support with Strattice infra-mammary sling, and perhaps use a smaller implant. You may need a mastopexy to deal with skin excess. Good luck!


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February 16, 2023

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