Hi, I'm planning on getting a breast augmentation and lift soon. I was hoping to get some opinions on the Benelli breast lift? I'm currently a 36C and want to get to a full D. I have a lot of breast tissue with minimal sagging but my nipples are lower than they should be. They don't point down but I don't have the natural fullness below them like I want. Do you think the Benelli lift will be efficient or would a different type of lift be worth the extra scars??

Benelli mastopexy is good for areolar reduction but not for breast lifting. My experience with a Benelli, or peri-areolar purse string mastopexy, is that the procedure is good for areolar diameter reduction, but does tend to flatten breast projection. It certainly does not have the 'lifting' capability of a vertical mastopexy. I think long-term breast shaping and scar quality  is much better with vertical mastopexy and breast implant combination surgery. I frequently perform breast lift surgery in my Seattle Washington cosmetic surgery practice.


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