Will my Right Breast Require a Lift? (photo)I am wondering if my right breast will require a life to correct the asymmetry. I would like implants to make my breasts around the same size, but more importantly, correct the difference in the placement of my nipples. One is about an inch lower than the other and I don't know if a standard augmentation could correct this. I am going in next month for a consultation and would like something to compare his suggestions to. I would like to make the most informed decision possible. Thank you!

Breast asymmetry cases often require mastopexy. You appear to have substantial differences in breast volume, nipple position, breast footprint and shape - A breast lift on right side may be necessary to balance the position of your nipples. The type of photo that you posted is not helpful in making these assessments. Seek out a plastic surgeon with substantial cosmetic breast surgery experience and get an informed opinion on your unique situation.


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February 16, 2023

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