Virtual Consultation

A face to face consultation with Dr. Scott Sattler and his experienced staff at Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle is the best way to learn about a specific cosmetic procedure. For patients who are unable to easily travel to our Seattle area clinic, we offer a 'virtual consultation,' FREE of charge.
Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Fill out & submit the form below including photos
  2. A member of Dr. Sattler's office will contact you and arrange a telephone conference with Dr. Sattler to review your photos.

Remember, there is 'NO CHARGE' for our 'Virtual Consultation.'

Name *
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Phone Number *
Describe what you dislike and like about the feature you are interested in improving? Be specific in your description and list your concerns in order of priority. *
  • Send us up to 4 digital images of the region you are describing.
  • Standardized views should include a profile photo, a view from the front, and an oblique view.
  • All photos should be taken by another individual, rather than in the mirror.
  • Make sure lighting is optimal.
  • Show as much of the adjacent anatomy as possible.
*Note : 1 MB file size limit for each image you upload.
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