“Dr. Sattler and his team have been excellent.”

From the very first consultation to post-surgery follow-up visits, Dr. Sattler and his team have been excellent. After much research on the topic of breast augmentation, I came in to visit Dr. Sattler as I was feeling self-conscious about my breast size, which had decreased and looked small in proportion to my body from weight loss over the years. I have a very active, athletic lifestyle, and I wanted a very natural yet still substantial enhancement to complement it.

Dr. Sattler knew exactly what I was going for and recommended the textured shaped implants based on my build and body structure. He also recommended a range of sizes to try on and I was very happy with the choices I was given. Once I decided on a size, we got the surgery scheduled and I felt very well informed throughout the process. Surgery seemed to be a breeze for Dr. Sattler and the recovery was faster than I expected, with no complications at all.

I have now gone from a 34 a/b to a very natural looking 34 c/d, which looks very proportionate to the rest of my body and is the look I was envisioning. It has only been 3 months since my surgery and I already forget that I even had the procedure done because it looks and feels so natural. 

I highly recommend Dr. Sattler, especially if you are going for the natural look. Thank you doctor and team for an extremely positive experience!




March 16, 2020

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