“Dr. Sattler is professional, knowledgable, personable and caring.”

Getting a breast augmentation was something I have thought about doing a large part of my adult life. I have always been very active and have always had a smaller, athletic body. In the past 3 years I became very competitive in Crossfit as well as very stict on my diet. I went from filling out a 34B to not being able to fill out an A cup! I finally reached a point where I knew I wanted to make a change. I researched several doctors and made a few consult appointments. I found Dr. Sattler online and found nothing but great reviews! 

Dr. Sattler was my first and only consult. The second I met him I knew I was in the right place, from the second I walked in the door the entire staff was more than welcoming. My entire consult I felt like I was listened to and Dr. Sattler and his nurses were looking out for me and what I truly wanted. He asked all the right questions and made me feel confident in my decision. I made a surgery date for 2 weeks later and any questions I had in that time frame were easily and quickly answered.

I had never had any major surgeries prior to this, so I was a little nervous, but I felt completely taken care of and comfortable throughout the whole process. Dr. Sattler called me that night when I got home from surgery and made sure all was well. The healing process has been as smooth as I imagine it could possibly be. Any questions I had over the past 3 months have been answered right away and Dr. Sattler and his whole staff have made my experience nothing short of perfect! I cannot say enough good things about my experience. 

Dr. Sattler is professional, knowledgable, personable and caring. Look no further, he's your guy!!




May 11, 2023

Updated Botox Price at Sound Plastic Surgeons

Botox is $14 per unit at Sound Plastic Surgery read more

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