“Dr. Sattler and his staff are amazing and I couldn't be happier, I would recommend anyone to go to him!”

Before finding Dr. Sattler. I had my first breast augmentation done in 2012 by another surgeon. After a couple of months I had a lateral displacement of my right breast , which he then "fixed" with another surgery. After battling with my surgeon for almost 3 years and having my right breast fall to my side/armpit when on my back or wearing a bikini I was referred by a friend to go to Dr. Sattler. I had gone to 3 surgeons for consultations until I finally went and had one with Dr. Sattler.

I researched him online as much as I could and after meeting him and discussing my surgery I knew I would be in good Hands. He fixed with 1 surgery what another surgeon couldn't after attempting twice. Dr. Sattler was very knowledgeable and the staff is amazing and friendly. The day of my surgery I informed the nurses that when I come out of anesthesia I throw up and get very sick so they took the extra measures to prevent this happening. 

After my Surgery I came out of anesthesia without puking, the nurses and Doctor were simply amazing. I went from a 425 saline implant that were droopy, fell to my side and made me very insecure to a 450 high profile silicone implant. My results are exactly what I had imagined, I have no pain, they look natural enough yet stay perky and on top of my chest..

I am a research queen and have already had 2 bad surgeries so I was also very worried about trusting another surgeon to do a 3rd surgery on.

Dr. Sattler and his staff are amazing and I couldn't be happier, I would recommend anyone to go to him!




February 16, 2023

Post Weight Loss Body Contouring with Sound Plastic Surgery

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