“I now have confidence in myself,and I now feel normal.”

Dr. Sattler is AMAZING! He is very caring and easy to talk with.He is very informing about the procedures and answered all my questions.

I'm so pleased with my results. Before my breast reduction surgery I was an overflowing DD cup and had lost all volume in my breasts. They made me feel like I was not normal which made me very self conscious. Now Im a perky full B cup and love it! Along with my breast reduction I had a tummy tuck. Having three C sections years ago I was left with saggy skin(ALOT)that wouldn't go away. Dr.

Sattler gave me the flattest tummy I have ever had, all that saggy skin is gone. I now have confidence in myself,and I now feel normal. I can finally wear the styles of clothes I have always wanted. FYI my breast reduction was medically necessary and covered by my insurance, my tummy tuck cost me $6,000 and is worth every penny!

Anita D. via RealSelf

Clackamas, OR


May 11, 2023

Updated Botox Price at Sound Plastic Surgeons

Botox is $14 per unit at Sound Plastic Surgery read more

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