Breast Implant and Breast Lift Combination Surgery

Women seeking rejuvenation of the breast in the Seattle area are typically displeased with two features of their breasts. Women notice these changes in breast appearance after significant weight-loss or after raising their children.

  • Deflated breast volume
  • Sagging nipple position
  • Loose and thin breast skin
  • Aging breast shape
  • Large and irregular areolar appearance

Dr. Sattler frequently recommends a breast lift and implant combination procedure for the woman that desires both a lifted breast appearance and enhanced breast volume. The procedure combines breast augmentation with an implant and breast lift (mastopexy) in a single operation.


With a mastopexy-augmentation combination procedure, the goal of the mastopexy is to reposition the nipple and areola on the augmented breast in an aesthetically pleasing position. There a several types of breast lifts that can be done in combination with a breast augmentation. For patient with a mild amount of breast sagging, a peri-areolar breast lift can be done. For patients with a moderate amount of sagging, a vertical pattern breast lift is best. For patients with severe sagging, an anchor pattern scar is recommended. Dr. Sattler will discuss which breast lift scar pattern would yield the optimal cosmetic breast result for you.


Breast lift surgery can lift and shape the breast while moving the nipple and areolar complex (NAC) into a more favorable position. The addition of a submuscular smooth, round silicone implant can impart additional volume to the breast and shaping to the upper pole of the breast. Prior to breast lift and implant combination surgery, Dr. Sattler marks a patient's breast skin with the planned surgical pattern. This pattern accounts for skin and breast tissue that needs to be moved, or removed. The new position for the NAC is also planned with these markings. In the operating room, with patients asleep, the pre-operative markings are used as a guide to remove excess skin and breast tissue. The breast implant is placed into the sub-muscular position. The NAC is generally made a smaller diameter and moved into a more favorable position. The breast is then repaired and its new shape is evident in the operating room.


The plan for breast lift is marked on the patient's skin


The breast implant is placed and excess skin and breast tissue is removed


The breast is then repaired with absorbable sutures, and its new augmented and lifted breast appearance is evident

What type of breast implant is used for mastopexy and augmentation combination surgery ?

For his Seattle area patients, Dr. Sattler typically recommends a silicone breast implant, although a saline implant can be used for a mastopexy-augmentation procedure. The volume of the implant is carefully selected based on the patient's desire, the type of breast lift planned and the quality of the breast tissues.

Fat grafting or fat transfer injections to the breast can also enhance a breast lift procedure by adding volume to the upper pole of the breast.

What is recovery like after breast lift and implant surgery ?

The recovery period from a mastopexy augmentation is about the same as with a standard breast augmentation. Most patients return to work, child-care and light exercise after about four days.

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