Breast Lift

Dr. Scott Sattler helps patients with sagging breasts in his Seattle area clinic by designing breast lift procedures that address each patient's cosmetic concerns. Mastopexy, or breast lift, is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of sagging breasts. The goal of surgery is to obtain a more youthful breast appearance, improved breast projection, and reduced breast sagging. The trade-off for aesthetic improvement achieved with breast lift surgery is additional scars on the breast. Breast lift surgery can be combined with breast augmentation using implants. This combination results in a fuller breast shape, especially in the upper pole of the breast.

How does the breast shape change with age?

Many women notice two changes in their breast shape after pregnancy and with age.

The first change is a loss of upper pole fullness of the breast. This is a result of gravity's effect on the breast tissue, and the changes in breast tissue after the pregnancy and breast-feeding.

The second change is the development of breast and nipple ptosis. The nipple and surrounding areola descends down the chest relative to the fold (marked with orange line) beneath the breast. When the nipple is at the level of the breast fold, the nipple is described as 'ptotic'. When there is a substantial amount of breast tissue visible below the fold level, the breast is described as ptotic. A breast with ptosis essentially has a droopy and deflated appearance.

What can a breast lift achieve?

Beautiful breast lift results are created by Dr. Sattler in his Seattle area clinic. Breast lift surgery tightens the breast skin envelope and redistributes breast volume in a more aesthetically pleasing way. The nipple and areola are lifted into a youthful position. Breast lift surgery does result in scars on the breast, and this is the trade-off for a lifted breast shape. For additional breast volume, a breast lift can be combined with a breast augmentation using an implant or fat grafting.

WHAT type of breast lift scars does Dr. Sattler create? 

Every breast lift Dr. Sattler does is designed specifically for each individual patient. To design a breast lift, Dr. Sattler determines the ideal nipple location for the breast. He then makes an estimation of excess skin and breast tissue. The use of a breast implant or fat transfer procedures are then considered. Based on this analysis, a breast lift technique is chosen for each individual patient. Pre-operative photographs are used by Dr. Sattler to design an ideal breast lift plan for each patient.


Breast lift surgery can lift and shape the breast while moving the nipple and areolar complex (NAC) into a more favorable position. Prior to breast lift surgery, Dr. Sattler marks a patient's breast skin with the planned surgical pattern. This pattern accounts for skin and breast tissue that needs to be moved, or removed. The new position for the NAC is also planned with these markings. In the operating room, with patients asleep, the pre-operative markings are used as a guide to remove excess skin and breast tissue. The NAC is generally made a smaller diameter and moved into a more favorable position. The breast is then repaired and its new shape is evident in the operating room.


The plan for breast lift is marked on the patient's skin


Excess skin and breast tissue is removed


The breast is then repaired with sutures, and its new shape is evident

Dr. Sattler is an expert level breast lift surgeon in Seattle, with substantial experience using peri-areolar, vertical and Wise pattern breast lifting techniques. Dr. Sattler has also developed some innovative techniques that reposition sagging breast tissue within the breast to act as a small 'auto-augmentation implant'. Dr. Sattler has further refined his breast lift results with the use of fat transfer procedures during a breast lift to improve breast volume and shaping.

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