Male Breast Reduction Surgery

As a cosmetic breast surgeon in the Seattle area, Dr. Scott Sattler has substantial experience treating Seattle area patients with gynecomastia and fatty breast tissue.

Gynecomastia is the presence of abnormal breast tissue beneath the nipple in men.  At times the excess breast tissue can be small but painful, and in other cases there is a substantial amount of tissue. Some excess body fat tends to worsen the appearance of gynecomastia when it is present. Gynecomastia and fatty breast tissue tends to feminize the appearance of the male chest, no matter how muscular and toned the underlying physique is.

Plastic surgery to improve gynecomastia involves removal of excess male breast tissue via direct excision (subcutaneous mastectomy) and contouring the entire chest with liposuction. In my experience, liposuction alone will fail to remove the fibrous, glandular breast tissue. Excising the abnormal glandular breast tissue is done through an incision around the bottom portion of the areola. Male breast reduction surgery also relies on the use power-assisted liposuction to sculpt the surrounding breast tissue and achieve a flatter, more masculine contour. Occasionally excess breast skin needs to be removed. 

On the day of your consultation with us, your chest will be examined and a surgical plan with be formulated with your aesthetic goals in mind.

Most gynecomastia correction procedures can be completed using local anesthesia while patients remain awake and comfortable. Male breast reduction surgery and chest liposuction procedures are done by Dr. Sattler in his Seattle area on-site operating room facility to maximize patient privacy. For patients that desire sedation during their gynecomastia procedures, the procedure can be completed at a local ambulatory surgery center under the care of an anesthesiologist. You won't have to go to the hospital to have male breast reduction surgery done.

After your surgery has been completed, you will be fitted with a compressive vest to wear for a few weeks post operatively which improves the surgical result significantly. 

Patients are able to return to the gym within a couple of weeks.

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