Earlobe Repair

The earlobe can tear due to an earring being forcibly removed. This often leaves a 'cleft' in the earlobe which is cosmetically distracting and makes repiercing difficult to do. Other patients with 'guaged' earlobes have very large, and stretched out earlobe skin that is unsightly.  The solution to both of these problems is a cosmetic earlobe repair with Dr. Sattler in his Seattle area clinic. 

Earlobe surgeries performed by Dr. Sattler include

  • Torn earlobe repair surgery
  • Guaged earlobe repair surgery
  • Clefted earlobe repair surgery
  • Surgical conversion of attached to unattached earlobes
  • Earpiercing

As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Sattler has repaired dozens of torn, stretched and guaged earlobes for patients that wanted to restore a normal earlobe appearance. His technique is done in the office, under local anesthesia, and takes just 30 minutes. Sutures are removed in our clinic 6 days after surgery. Patients can repierce the repaired earlobe six weeks after the ear lobe repair. Repiercing of the repaired earlobe by Dr. Sattler is included in the cost of the repair procedure.

The earlobe repair procedure is cosmetic, and insurance is not accepted for torn earlobe or gauged earlobe repair surgery.

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